FIFA 12 details revealed

EA just won’t shut up about FIFA 11. They appear to be blabbing to the video games press at a rate of knots, telling anyone who’ll listen all their hot FIFA-related news. Clearly no-one’s ever told them that it’s better to show a little flash of thigh now and again than to show ‘em the full goods straight away. Tease us a little bit, go on.

Anyway, they’re telling us that there is an advance team already working on FIFA 12, and that they have some ideas about what they want to do with it. So of course they told the press what they were thinking. There’s just no mystery to you any more, you know.

‘Ever since FIFA 08 we've been going forward and forward - FIFA 09 was the first one that my friends started to play - it was a proud movement,’ said FIFA 11's creative director, Gary Peterson. ‘Now we're in the lead it's even harder - where do we go from here? Because it's a yearly release we always have to be thinking ahead. We have some ideas for FIFA 12; we have an advance team already started on it but it's difficult.’

One of the ideas would be to have a hardcore simulation option, which is ‘something our Technical Director of Gameplay Ben Carter is very keen on. He's putting in the patch system, and he feels the game is getting to the stage where people want to play it differently and there's just no way to please everyone. He's huge on that. We're doing a few things in that direction this year, but next year you'll definitely see more of it.’

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