FIFA 12 details released

Who’s clamouring for the latest FIFA update? We know we are: what else could be better than playing more or less exactly the same game, with updated kits and that?

Well, it turns out that FIFA 12 isn’t just going to be a tweak: EA say that made the most significant changes to the game since it went to the next generation consoles, with a ‘big chunk’ of the game being ‘ripped out’. The biggest change appears to be the Impact Engine, which makes players react to contact from other players in a far more realistic fashion, with different reactions depending on where they are struck on the body and on the pitch. Team will now adapt their tactics based on the attributes of their key players thanks to Pro Player Intelligence, while defending won’t be as easy as before: holding the A or X button won’t see you players close down and thump your opponent; instead they will only contain them, leaving you free to tweak your position and time the tackle yourself.

‘It's the biggest change we've made since we rebuilt the engine for next-gen consoles,’ said lead gameplay designer Aaron McHardy. ‘I mean we rebuilt the engine from scratch, so that's as big as it can get, but since then with FIFA 12 we've ripped out a big chunk of the game and it's a massive change.

‘It solves a lot of problems for us this year, it gives us better accuracy, better momentum more realistic outcomes, solving a lot of situations that we just tried not to get into before.

Now we're opening up the game so you can get into these situations and see new cool and interesting things, but also it lays foundation for places for us to go in the future. When you think about the resilience of the player and the ability for someone to take a hit and continue dribbling, we didn't have that ability before in our game because you were either dribbling or you were stumbling.

‘Now we have that grey area and it's something we can play with down the line, just to give you some vision of where we see these kind of things going in future.’

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