FIFA 12 details leaked

It’s that time of year again, when we start looking at what Pro Evolurion Soccer and FIFA will have to offer us in their next editions. In truth no-one with any sense bothers with Pro Evolution anymore, as it’s been thoroughly humped by EA’s beast for four years in a row.

Details of FIFA 12 have been leaked to the French Official PlayStation Magazine, and thankfully have been roughly translated for the benefit of us dunder-headed Anglophones. As you can expect the changes look to mostly be cosmetic, with EA introducing an ‘Impact Engine’ which ‘tracks and formulates contact between players’, and improved AI. The list of new features is below, so take a gander.

  • FIFA 12 introduces the 'Impact Engine' which properly tracks and formulates contact between players, including their hips, knees etc.
  • The AI will also keep track of areas of the body players have been injured during a match. Players can also become injured off the ball if abused too much, especially late in the game.
  • FIFA 12 also introduces 'AI Vision Game' (rough translation), which promises to make passing more realistic. If you try to complete a pass to a player that's not within visible range, for example, it's less likely you'll complete the pass. EA hopes this will get rid of "blind passing".
  • Personality Plus is more developed and should influence AI players' passes this time.
  • AI is said to be "more human", with each player acting more or less according to his abilities. One example given is when an AI player sees Fabregas coming towards him with the ball, he'll act more carefully.
  • OPM describes "new presentation" of matches in FIFA 12, which are said to be very much inspired by English football crowds.
  • The game includes three new arenas, this time with integrated benches along the sidelines and "impressive lighting effects" according to OPM France.
  • Integration of a new short dribble with the left stick.
  • The game features a new camera that's noticeably closer to the ground.
  • There's also a new menu interface that appears to be simpler and more ergonomic than before.

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