Fetch, robot

You can measure the coolness of any piece of technology by the number and type of accessories that come with it. With your iPods and iPhones there are all sorts of lovely docks and bit and bobs to make it a home entertainment hub, but they don’t have anything especially cool or interesting. However Android does – a ROBOT.

We all know that there is nothing cooler than a ROBOT, so we can officially declare that Google and Android are comprehensively beating Apple and their iDevices. Don’t believe? Take a look at the video below, in which we see Ava, the telepresence iRobot (yes, ROBOT) running programmes specifically designed for it. It will also be possible – eventually – to give the thing directions and instructions. So hopefully soon we’ll be able to have a robot (yes ROBOT) that brings us cups of tea and sandwiches. Fingers crossed.

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