Festive Apple

It’s rare that we give evil, faceless corporations little more than a sneer (and maybe time if they produce something that we want so bas our stomach aches), but it’s fair to say that the cult of aesthetics and inflexibility that calls itself Apple has pulled quite a nice one out of its hat for Chrimbo.

So what are the people at Steve Jobs’ death cult up to? Well they’ve spotted a little gap in the market called post-Christmas and they think that by offering stuff for free right after we’ve all stuffed our fat faces with turkey and pud we’ll get trapped in their Apple machine, crunched up into a series of buggy iTunes updates that ruin your iPod if it’s not new enough. They’re right of course.

Starting on Boxing Day and ending on 6 January, Apple, through their iTunes12daysofchristmas.co.uk website, will be announcing a free download every day for you to have. Be warned though, it’s only one a day, and they’re only up for 24 hours before it comes down. Typical Apple, there’s always a catch.

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