Ferguson criticises Blatter over "modern slave" claim

Sir Alex Ferguson has cut through the horse manure and criticised Fifa president Sepp Blatter's claim that Cristiano Ronaldo is a "modern slave". Manchester United are unwilling to let the Portugal winger join Real Madrid pointing out that he signed a new five-year deal in 2007.

Ferguson was tactful in his response to just the latest in a long of Blatter's trademark outbursts, but it is clear that he was not impressed by the Fifa president's words. "It was an unfortunate statement from someone in such a position. Slavery was abolished many years ago. Players can earn £5m or £6m a year. Ferguson told reporters, adding: "I do not want to dignify this kind of statement with a response but when you consider the history of slavery, it was a very unfortunate statement."

It's nice to see someone finally react to Blatter's guff. The Mozart of sweeping statements has previously said that most female footballers are gay and that dangerous tacklers are criminals and should be sent to the slammer. While Sepp is always good for a bit of comedy his inane ramblings are becoming just a tad tiresome.

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