Fend-ing off the competition

The other day we showed you a video from USA Today about the new Rock Band 3, which looks like it’s about to stomp on the head of the Guitar Hero franchise until it’s part of the pavement. Part of the reason for that was the exciting range of peripherals that you could use with the game, including am actual, factual, real live guitar, which looked mega.

Now that E3 2010 is well underway, we get to see the axe in action, and it’s really ace. First up, the Stratocaster Pro guitar controller allows you to play the game at Pro Expert, the highest possible level, the point where you’re playing the guitar part as it was written by the artist, and secondly you can plug the damn thing into an amp and rock out as you do it.

Check out the video from E3 here, in which Harmonix employ someone who can obviously already play the guitar to demonstrate exactly how it works. There is one question though: if you get this good at the instrument that you can play complex guitar parts, are you not better off going out and playing your own stuff, in a band?

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