Have a look at your Facebook profile. Your messages, and those left by your friends. Think how many people - at the very least, your hundreds of so-called 'friends,' or maybe their friends as well, which would be thousands of people, or perhaps even everyone, depending on your settings. What impression are all these people getting of you? A thoughtful, serious but fun-loving, cultured type? Or a gurning, drunken fool?

It might warrant a bit of thought. A new study reveals that a whopping 47% of Facebook users have swearing on their Facebook profiles. Interestingly, it seems we're more likely to swear on our friend's profiles than on our own, which seems a bit rude of us.

In another, even less shocking report, a study found that 85% of American male college students have a reference to alcohol on their profiles, and those who do have more friends than those who don't. Yeah, whatever. We may have only had two friends at college, but they were amazing people and we should really call them.

P.S. Joking aside, these findings could have some real impact on Facebook's chances of being allowed to let under-13s join.

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