Fatboy Slim plans Brighton New Year beach party

You thought it wasn't going to happen again. The last time Fatboy Slim's Big Beach Boutique attracted 250,000 revellers instead of the expected 60,000 during the summer of 2002, Brighton Council, after diligently sweeping up the beer cans and kebab wrappings, said a polite no thanks to any future Woodstock-esque parties planned by the King of the Decks.

But, after diligent planning, it's been revealed that Norman Cook should be given the go ahead for a New Year's Day party this year, although it already lacks the spontaneity of the last Big Beach Boutique. Only 20,000 people will get in to the New Year's party, which is going by the traditional name Big Beach Boutique 3.

The party is free again, but ticket-only and open to people who have a BN postcode alone (all still subject to a license agreement though).

Check out Fatboy Slim's blog on his MySpace page, and put the feed on your MIX if you want to stay updated on the latest about the New Year's Day party. If you have a BN postcode that is...sigh...


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