Faster 'fox

Six months ago:

Firefox, listen, buddy, we need to talk. We love you, yeah? You're, like, our best mate. Well, best browser, anyway. It's just... you're kinda leaky, you know? You leak. I don't mean like you need a catheter or anything. It's just you leak a lot of memory. When I open a tab, I know it's going to use up some of my hard-earned RAM, yeah? I dig that. I just expect to get that memory back when I close the tab, you dig? It's not a lot to ask.

So, anyway. With you, I'm finding I just don't get that memory back. It's gone. It's like it's leaked away. I have to restart you every half an hour or my PC becomes unworkable. And, you know, it's not a huge deal, but there's this new guy in town - Chrome, you heard of him - and he seems kinda cool, and he doesn't really have this leaking problem. So - this is hard, man, this isn't nice for me either - I think I'm gonna hang with him from now on.


Firefox! How are ya, buddy? Dang. You look good. You been working out? Yeah? It's like a whole new you. What's that? It is a whole new you? You're on version seven? Wow. Just out today, huh? Congratulations, that's exciting. And, what's that? You've plugged those memory leaks? Now, if I close a tab, I'm actually going to get the memory back? Oh, man, that's huge. Well, maybe we should hang out some? Want to get a burger later? OK, man, that'd be great.

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