Faster 'Fox

Hey, remember the wait for Firefox 4? Didn't it go on forever? Months went by between the announcement of the new version of the open-source browser, the release of the first beta, and the subsequent release of a whopping ten beta versions before the final update was released earlier this year. It was interminable.

And yet now, just a few weeks later, Firefox 5 is out.

What's going on? Well, it seems Mozilla, makers of Firefox, have decided to take a leaf out of Google Chrome's book. Rather than doing a major update every three or four years as before, they'll do more minor updates on a six-weekly-ish basis. That means Firefox 5 is, unsurprisingly, not as much of a leap forward as Firefox 4 was. Its changes are mostly behind-the-scenes, like better support for CSS animation - whatever that is.

But while it might not be the most exciting update, we still reckon a more frequent - iterative, to use a posh business term - approach is a better one. We look forward to checking out Firefox 6 in a few weeks!

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