Farm Saga Heroes hints, cheats and tips

If you’ve found yourself stuck on Farm Heroes Saga, we’ve got some hints, tips and cheats that will help you enjoy the game again. Farm Saga Heroes cheats might take away some of the pleasure from playing the game, but the following hints and tips could help you improve your game.


This is the latest game from the makers of the addictive Candy Crush, and like it’s forerunner this is a match three puzzles game. If you’re a Candy Crush players, you’ll see lots of similarities between the two games but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have an advantage over those who haven’t played the earlier game.


Farm Heroes Saga is a simple and utterly addictive game that only involves users matching three of any one type of Cropsie. The Cropsies are carrots, water drops, apples and onions and you’re looking for vertical or horizontal lines of matching ones. Each level gives you a target amount of Cropsies to match before you can progress and there are only a set number of moves in which to complete the task.

Hero Mode multipliers

This is a game mode that you get access to if you manage to clear your target without using all of your moves. Making the most of Hero Mode will maximise your score, so don’t rush through. Swipe the ones that offer the most points. If you’re left with quite a few moves, leave the largest multipliers until the end so they grow larger.

Rancid levels

The first few Rancid levels are easy to negotiate so don’t waste any beans in an effort to make them easier. You should keep your beans and buy boosters with them as you’ll need help clearing later levels.

Farm Saga Heroes cheats

You can download some cheats for the game for Android/iOS from user created websites if you're really stuck on a level but you're better off playing your way through rather than hacking the game.

Final word

There are some Farm Saga Heroes cheats that will help you get passed levels you're stuck on, but that destroys the point of such a simple and playable game. With these hints and tips you should be able to make progress when you get stuck and continue to enjoy playing the game.

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