Oh, this Apple-Samsung dispute has more twists and turns than a John Le Carre novel. (Note our bang-up-to-date cultural references, folks.) Mere days ago, we told you that Samsung was rolling out its new, rather foxy Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet across Europe. But mere hours later, the shock news came that it was to be removed from sale after Apple scored an injunction from a German court stating it infringed Apple's copyright by copying the design of the iPad.

Then yesterday, we reported that Apple had been accused of falsifying the evidence used to get the injunction, by altering a picture of the Tab to make it look more iPad-like.

Crikey o'reilly.

Now, there's a new twist: the injunction has been lifted and, for the time being, at least, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is back on sale, at least outside Germany. This apparently has nothing to do with any questions over Apple's evidence. Rather, it's about the ability of a German court to block something from sale right across Europe (which we must admit did strike us as rather odd.)

According to CNET, 'Legal-eagle blog Florian Mueller at Foss Patents speculates the issue may be the translation of the German word 'Niederlassung', which may or may not refer to Samsung's subsidiary companies. Thrilling stuff, you'll agree.' Quite. But while the legal details leave us cold, our blood is running hot at the thought we might be able to get our hands on one of Samsung's sexy new slices of silicon after all.

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