Fancy some LEGO on your wrist?

You liked LEGO as a kid, right? And now you're an adult, able to spend upwards of $100 on a watch... you want one that looks like LEGO, right?

If, when you became a man, you didn't actually put away childish things, then the latest G-Shock from Casio might be on interest. The japanese watchmasters have teamed up with New York-based fashionistas Dee and Ricky Jackson, makers of lego bow ties and brooches (of course). The result is a watch which takes G-Shock's tradition of celebrating technology and turns it on its head, which looks both high-tech and as old-fashioned as, well, LEGO.

Take a look for yourself. The watch will be out in the States in July and we think we might just want one.

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