Fancy a wager?

Many people were slightly disappointed with Modern Warfare 2, citing its ridiculously melodramatic plot and incessant cutting between characters as the main bugbears. How on earth are you supposed to learn to relate to a character if you’re forever switching between them? What saved it was the multiplayer and the co-op missions, which distracted from the slightly lame campaign.

The chances are it will be the same deal with Call of Duty: Black Ops, which seems to be carrying the same kind of bombastic plot nonsense that informed its indirect predecessor. The multiplayer video below details a very good idea called ‘Wager’ in which you put up in-game money and try to finish in the top three. If you fail, you lose your cash. It’s a simple set-up bolstered by some interesting match ideas, including a riff on GoldenEye’s classic Golden Gun mode. Check it out.

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