Fancy a bargain?

Have you got a smartphone? No? Would you like one? We bet you would. But what about the cost, don't they cost hundreds of pounds?

Well, not any more. In the last few months manufacturers have driven the cost of Android smartphones down into double digits - and now you can get your hands on one for just £20.

The phone in question is the T-Mobile Pulse Mini. It's not half bad - it's packing Android 2.1, a fairly up-to-date version of the software, and it's got a respectable 3.2 megapixel camera. It does have one big drawback: a resistive screen, meaning you might have to poke hard or use a stylus sometimes to make it work. But you'll still get all the flexibility of Android's thousands of apps.

And T-Mobile is sweetening the deal by giving buyers six months' free mobile internet access and 100 free minutes a month of calls. All you need to do is top up £10 a month.

It's a real bargain if you want to get in on the smartphone revolution at low cost. The only catch? It's only on offer in one colour - bright pink. That might put a few of you off, but if you're happy with fuchsia, then you might want to give this great offer a try.

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