Fallout Shelter cheats and guide

If you’re addicted to Fallout Shelter but you’re struggling to get anywhere with it, our Fallout Shelter cheats and guide will help you get more from the game.


One of the best tips is to build your buildings next to each other. This means you can combine them to make running them more efficient. Focus on producing food, electricity and water in your rooms. That way you’ll be able to place more dwellers within. The increase in dwellers allows you to increase the production of the item attached to the building. Putting something like 3 Diner pieces together will lead to more food added to the Food Meter. Obviously bigger rooms means that more electricity is used, so there’s a balance to be drawn here.

Dwellers’ strength

Put your Dwellers into the appropriate rooms based on their characteristics – Agility, Charisma, Intelligence, Luck, Perception or Strength. For example, those with Agility should be put to work in the Diner.

Prepare your Dwellers

Make sure that you prepare your Dwellers before sending them outside of the Vault. Get firearms and protective gear and make sure that you stick all this stuff onto your guys before they leave. A good supply of RadAway and Stimpaks will also help your guys survive outside the Fallout Shelter.

Upgrade health

The well-being of your Dwellers is all important but the health of the exploring Dwellers is even more important. If their health gets low, call them back into the Vault. The longer their outside, the higher chance there is that they’ll perish.

Protect vault door

When you have enough bottle caps, strengthen your Vault’s door as you never know when Raiders will arrive to halt all your hard work. Place armed Dwellers inside by the door to protect the entrance.

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