The news just doesn't get better about Nintendo's new 3DS handheld. Even when it launched, though its glasses-free 3D gimmick was nifty, it felt like not enough of a leap forward from the ultra-successful DS. And reports have trickled through since launch of disappointing sales.

How disappointing, though, has only now been put into perspective. Nintendo just released their hardware sales figures for June, and it seems they sold twice as many of the original DS as they did of the new 3D sequel. As TechCrunch reports:

Nintendo sold more than 800,000 combined hardware units in June. This includes 386,000 units of the Nintendo DS™ family of systems, 273,000 Wii™ systems and 143,000 Nintendo 3DS systems. Each product line saw double-digit growth over the previous month, and the lifetime U.S. installed base for the Wii system crossed 36 million units.

Now, this is a pretty healthy sales level overall, but we bet Nintendo would really love to shift some of those sales from the $99 DS to the $250 3DS. We suspect they may decide at some point - maybe around Christmas - to kill the DS off to stop it eating into sales. Of course, some more decent games for the 3DS wouldn't hurt...

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