FaceTunes: it's real

That funky new 'timeline' profile format? Totally not the only big thing Facebook announced this week. Nah, there's lots more. Most importantly - though not surprisingly, given the multiple leaks - they announced a whacking great alliance with a host of internet music and, more surprisingly, video companies. You'll be able to see what your friends are listening to in that new 'ticker' area, and sometimes in your News Feed. (We can see what our friend Phil is listening to on Spotify right now!)

More excitingly, you'll be able to click on any song your pal is listening to and you'll be listening to it as well. If you've got Spotify, it'll play in the Spotify app, but if it's on a web service like Rdio it'll play right there in Facebook.

Most interestingly, it seems to work for big video sites too, like Netflix and Hulu. See your friend is watching Breaking Bad, click play, and watch along with them! Sadly none of these services are actually available in the UK...

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