By now, you've probably noticed the changes to Facebook's News Feed that launched earlier this week. And if you're like most people we know, you hate them. Well, Facebook doesn't care - it's on to the next change. And thisis quite a biggie.

It's only a year since Facebook revised user's profiles, adding that funky row of photos at the top (enabling all sorts of shenanigans), and now they're changing it all up again. And these changes are, well, substantial. There's a whole new profile concept on the way, which Facebook calls 'Timeline.'

What is it? Well, it's sort of a scrapbook of your life. Instead of a straightforward list of what you've been up to, the Timeline is a varied, highly visual showcase of various stories you've sort-of-selected, and you can add stuff from before you joined Facebook. It looks a bit like some Tumblr themes.

'What Timeline does is shows all the important stuff recently, then summarises the rest of your life,' explained The Zuck. 'This is the magic and how you can tell the whole story on a single page.'

Can't picture it? Here's a vid. Timeline will come to all Facebook users soon, but if you can't wait, you can jump through some hoops to get it now.

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