FaceTime for 3GS

The slow spread of Apple's FaceTime video-calling system continues apace. It started on the iPhone 4, but it's since spread to the iPod Touch and to Macs - with Windows support surely inevitable, and a future camera-equipped iPad sure to support it too.

But what about those with a lowly iPhone 3GS? This was the state-of-the-art iPhone until a few months ago, and it can't even use Apple's newest function. Well, now it can - but not thanks to Apple. FaceIt-3GS gives iPhone 3GS users a fully-functioning FaceTime client. But it's only for jailbroken 3GS'.

Of course, there is a catch. As the more switched-on among you will no doubt be thinking, FaceTime really needs a front-facing camera, and the iPhone 3GS doesn't have one. But you can always turn your phone around, we guess, or use it in front of a mirror, or something.

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