FaceTime all the time

If you've got an iPhone 4, you've probably been enjoying the new FaceTime video calling feature (well, OK, if you and someone else you know have got an iPhone 4). But you've been stuck using it over wi-fi, which pretty much means in your house (or a coffee shop, where you might look a bit of a berk).

Not any more! It turns out that one of the big advantages of jailbreaking your iPhone 4 (using the nifty no-computer-required website that launched yesterday) is that it lets you enable 3G video calling! You use a 'Cydia app' (that, fact fans, is a jailbreak-only, non-Apple-approved app from the Cydia download store) called My3G. That turns off Apple's controls over what can and can't happen over a 3G connection, and bam! Wherever you are, you can transform your calls into video calls (still only if you're calling another iPhone 4 user!) at the push of a button, well, touch of a screen.

Engadget reports that the framerate can go up and down, as you'd expect on a slower connection. But the basic quality is still high, far more so than on the video calling that most 3G phones can do (and who ever uses that?).

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