FaceSkype? Skypebook?

William and Kate were together, with wobbles, nine years before getting married - and theirs isn't the only long engagement that might be ending in marriage. Facebook and Skype have been growing closer for some time now, and the according to the latest reports, they might be about to finally tie the knot.

The relationship first got serious last year, when Skype released an update that integrated Facebook's News Feed sightly pointlessly into the program's window. But Facebook really needs an injection of Skype more than Skype needs an injection of Facebook. The social network has become the world's number one IM service, but voice and video chat are glaringly missing features. So speculation quickly began that big-bucks Facebook might snap up the telephonic company.

And according to Reuters that might be about to happen. Sources tell them Facebook is considering buying Skype for around $3 billion. That would be a healthy increase for the company which was valued at $2.75 billion a couple of years ago when eBay sold its majority stake.

But the sale might not happen. Facebook is believed to also be considering a joint venture with the company not unlike Sony and Ericsson's collaboration in the mobile area. That might be a more attractive offer for the company, which was widely seen to have stagnated under eBay's ownership and might be leery of surrendering control again.

One thing's for sure: Facebook won't rest until one way or another, it's got you video-calling your gran over its networks. The behemoth's growth continues apace...

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