Ugh, this is depressing. Remember how Sony raised the hopes of miserable, Network-less PlayStation owners by saying a week ago they hoped to start resuming services in a week or so?

Well guess what, it's a week later and not much is happening. In fact, Sony say fully restoring the Network, and the Qriocity media service,will take until the end of May. That'll amount to a full six weeks of outage since the Network was taken down following a gruesome hacker attack on 20 April.

So if you've been hanging on for things to return, be aware you could be multiplayer-less for another three weeks. Those knackered old Xbox 360's on eBay are starting to look pretty attractive now, ain't they? Well, you're not the only ones who are unhappy, we assure you. Capcom say they're losing 'hundreds of thousands, if not millions' in revenue from the outage.

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