Working on an online technology and games blog means we spend a lot of time trawling video game sites and various other news sources to bring you news on the likes of Facebook and Twitter as well as all the latest video game and gadget malarkey. So it’s with great delight that we can combine the two in what looks like a very interesting story indeed: a proper 3D first-person shooter that works through Facebook, which should hopefully be a load better than that Mob Wars rubbish.

Brave Arms has been created by 3G Studios, and it offers you the chance to blow your friends’ faces off, customise your own avatars, and generally waste loads of time at work (if they allow you to use Facebook, anyway). Best of all you can sign up for the beta test right here. Pretty cool, we reckon.

‘Our new title, Brave Arms, will bring First-Person Shooter games to the masses,’ said 3G Studios boss, James Kosta. ‘It's about fast-paced action and either competing against or forming teams with your friends. We want people to feel empowered and to share in a real video game experience.’

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