Facebook's ticket team

If internet rumours are to be believed (and when they sound interesting, why not suspend your critical faculties for a moment, eh?) Facebook seems to be testing a way to sell tickets for Facebook events, which could be a very interesting development indeed. The social networking site is already selling tickets for its F8 developer conference through Eventbrite, but that could be the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.

A Techcrunch reader saw a Facebook page on the Eventbrite website, which suspiciously vanished soon after it was mentioned. However, the smarty-pants was quick enough to get the gist of what was said, including the news that they were partnering to ‘enable you to collect money for your event. Your attendees pay with credit card and Eventbrite collects the money on your behalf and sends you a check when your event is over.’

What else? Well the new service would be free to use, but it would charge a small commission for each ticket sold, and you can also offer tickets to events for free, though you are limited to the people you know on Facebook, as a way of limiting the numbers of people you’re offering them to. So what does Facebook have to say about this? ‘We’re always testing Connect implementations with various sites and have nothing to share at this time.’ So that’s a yes then?

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