Facebook's relationship advice

The thing about Facebook is, we give it so much information that, even if its privacy controls were super-watertight, it'd still know a scary amount about us. For example, it knows whether we're single - and, if we're in a relationship, it knows when we become single.

Still, in fairness to the God-like all-seeing ones, they're pretty honest about how much they know, and they package their findings into cute data sets. By, for example, telling us when we're most likely to break up with our girl- or boyfriend.

Statistician David McCandless looked at 10,000 Facebook status updates (well, OK, his team did) and analysed them for breakup-related information. Then he put it into a big number-crunching magic-machine thingy and the result is this.

In short, breakups climb from New Year to a high on Valentine's Day (!), and rise even further as Spring Break (that's when Americans go to the beach, get drunk and sleep around) approaches. After that, the next big peak is, weirdly, the lead-up to Christmas.

Does this chime with your miserable break-up experiences? Why not tell us in the comments?

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