Facebook's iPhone inspired design

Online social networking site Facebook is set for a facelift. The site offered an iPhone friendly version to users last year and is now set to change the look of the main site inspired by the iPhone interface.

The minimalist aesthetic of the iPhone and Facebook seem like happy bedfellows. The Facebook interface is uncluttered and spartan in contrast to its social network competitors Myspace and Bebo. The new Facebook interface design looks set to build on this foundation.

The changes are still at the testing stage but it seems that similar to the iPhone version there will be a multi-tab on the profile page that splits wall posts, personal information and photos into different pages.

The changes will make life easier for the user. But they haven't gone down well with Facebook application developers. The applications list will not be immediately visible to the user. But Facebookers could already hide their applications, so it seems like a lot of fuss over nothing.

In the past the Facebook community have adopted a 'if it's not broken don't fix it' approach to the site. So it will be interesting to see their reaction to the proposed design changes.

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