Facebook's got that Vibe

Ah, we love it when some clever sod delves into the code behind our favourite website and discovers something exciting. And when there's a new service, there's lots of lovely new code to pore over.

So when Facebook launched their new, Skype-powered video chat service last week, we're not surprised a few software nerds had a peek around and what's going on under the bonnet. He cracked open the small program Facebook has to install for video calling to work and found that it might be designed to enable something else as well. It contains references to a service called 'peep', but also another one called 'vibes.' While 'peep' came along with a reference to a 'VideoChatPlugin', 'vibes' was attached to the phrase 'MusicDownloadDialog.'

See? Music. Now, Facebook has been rumoured for a while now to be considering launching a music service, possibly a free streaming service powered by Spotify. When the Skype partnership was announced last week it set a precedent for the social network working with outside companies to bring media-rich new services to the site. But there was a problem: Spotify wasn't operational in the US.

But now that, too, has changed - Spotify announced just last week they're preparing their US launch. So the stage really is set, and we wouldn't be at all surprised to find Facebook Music launching in a few months' time. Of course, the details of what form it would take are harder to guess.

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