Facebook What Would I Say App Automatically Updates Status

If you think that updated your status on Facebook’s too much of a chore this could be the app for you. Personally we think that telling the world just how mundane your life really is, shouldn’t be done at all, but if you have to then you should download “What Would I Say?

The nonsensical app generates a status update for your Facebook profile using the information you’ve posted on the social media site. Apparently the app’s really popular, but perhaps it’s not popular for the reasons its inventors originally dreamt up. The app turns users into a “Bot” and generates status updates for them so the results are often stupid or surreal. Some of the best so far include the following.

  • “I am so excited that it’s English asparagus season and yes, for Higher education, universal support for a woman of style.”
  • “Vodka with a hilarious joke in the darkness.”
  • “The regime wasn’t worth a single spinning instructor I know.”
  • “In a parallel universe, we are so good at DELICIOUS ETHIOPIAN FOOD.”
  • “Absolutely. I’ve just made an amazing cripple and yoghurt at bloody Downton Abbey.”
  • “I’ll pee before I sleep.” (Who wouldn’t need to know this about a Facebook friend?)
  • “Pavement threats automatically become less menacing when they include grammatical errors and daddies.”
  • “Terry Wogan’s finest scotch eggs are so smooth.”
  • “Agreed, loved the Wicked soundtrack while writing a floppy blondehaired Etonian tw*t.”
  • “Photobombing your own picture takes a certain kind of two morons.” (this makes perfect sense to us)

What if this app was applied to Twitter? Those celebrities who can’t stop their thumbs from inputting a naughty tweet would have something to hide behind when it all goes horribly wrong, but with “What Would I Say?” the chances are the update will go horribly wrong more often than not.

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