Facebook Users Decline as Teenagers Use WhatsApp

What goes up must come down so it’s about time that Facebook saw a drop in its regular users. The news that young people are gradually turning away from the social media site and using messenger services like WhatsApp and WeChat to communicate with each other must be making the execs at Facebook pretty nervous. Facebook made the omission that a “decrease in daily users, specifically among teens,” is hurting their profits in an earnings announcement earlier in the month.

Perhaps Facebook has become a victim of its own success. With everyone’s aunty, uncle and mother now on the site maybe the younger generation who help create the success aren’t able to use it to link up with their friends and post details about their lives anymore for fear that their mum will comment on their photo or “like” their comment.

Messenger apps like WhatsApp have long been seen as a threat to mobile phone service provider’s revenue as they take away the need to send texts and MMS messages. According to industry estimates, as much as £14billion has been lost by the industry because of the free message services companies like WhatsApp and KakaoTalk provide. Now these apps have started to impact social media’s revenue.

WhatsApp is on around 50% of the UK’s iPhones. There are around 350 million WhatsApp users worldwide. The early adopters for these apps are always under 25 who enjoy the anonymity the messenger app provides. There’s no advertising with WhatsApp and it’s a secure way of sharing information and images without the worry of cyber stalking that is part of the territory for Facebook users.

Facebook brought in £1.3billion in sales during the last quarter so there’s still money in the site, but it’s long term future won’t be secured unless they can find a way to bring teenagers back to social media.

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