Facebook unveil new look news feed

Facebook is about to start rolling out a new look news feed. Despite the internet bursting to the seams with moaning users insisting that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ every time the social networking giant makes substantial changes, Facebook feel confident that they have hit a new high.

Mark Zuckerberg, the 28-year-old founder unveiled the redesign at a press conference in San Francisco saying the move was intended to "reduce clutter".

Photographs, check-ins and other updates appear larger on the new version which features a new left-hand navigation bar and separate tabs for music and games.

Several industry experts have given the new look news feed an approving nod as it splits the news feed into a selection of sub categories. This means that addicts – sorry – regular users will have options beyond merely refreshing the page, hoping something new has been posted and scrolling down until one starts seeing old news.

Specific feeds and new filters allow you to investigate groups of friends and liked pages – as well as a feed for all things music related and so on. The left hand menu sidebar has also had a slick revamp.

One major issue that any regular users of Facebook will have noticed is that in a world of ever decreasing attention spans – images are by far and away the most interactive aspect of the site. Requiring a click through instantly decreases engagement and even status updates and Youtube videos are less immediately gratifying than images. Rather than try to balance this dynamic by giving more prominence to non image posts, Facebook has increased image sizes on the news feed still further – effectively adding into to the culture of instant gratification prevalent on the network.

Unsurprisingly, adverts in the news feed rather than merely in the sidebar are set to increase both in prominence and in frequency. This will inevitably cause consternation amongst users who feel that the whole site is edging further and further towards the brink since their floatation .

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