Facebook under fire over privacy changes

Facebook has come under fire for proposed changes to its privacy settings. The social networking site claims that it wants to "simplify" them to make it easier for users to exchange information with each other.

A number of critics however, have argued that the changes could result in Facebook users sharing too much personal data including their date of birth. Tom Royal from Computeractive magazine spoke to the BBC about the possible implications of the potential security changes to the popular social networking site.

"I'm a little bit worried about the settings recommended by Facebook because as far as I can see it's actually sharing quite a lot of information with quite a few people. That's not something we'd advise people to do. We'd very much recommend people choose the 'limited' option instead."

But Facebook argues that its 'one size fits all' privacy settings will actually make it easier for its users to use the social networking site. "The effect of more and more settings has made controlling privacy on Facebook too complicated," the site's chief privacy officer Chris Kelly told Auntie.

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