Facebook, Twitter and Last.FM prep on Xbox LIVE today

Xbox 360 owners should be aware that if they fire up their consoles when they get home from work tonight, you will most likely see a message prompt asking you to accept a mandatory update, which will be prepping the system for the arrival of Facebook, Twitter and Last.FM later on this year.

‘Sometime over the next few hours when you sign in to Xbox LIVE you'll receive a prompt to accept this mandatory update,’ says the somewhat daftly-named Major Nelson, Microsoft’s official Xbox 360 messenger. ‘If you are signed into LIVE already, you may be signed out and asked to accept the update and you'll be back online in a few moments.

‘There are no new features or changes in this update. This update is preparation for additional system enhancements (Facebook/Twitter/Last.FM) that will arrive later this year.’ So be warned, right?

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