Facebook, Twitter and Last FM coming next Tuesday

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Live’s Facebook, Twitter and Last.FM package will be released for all you lucky Xbox Live Gold subscribers next Tuesday, 17 November. Once it is up, you’ll be able to do all those things that you could do on your PC, but instead on a huge HD telly, right?

According to the humungous press release that Microsoft has put out, instant HD video from Zune will also come as part of the package, bringing what they say will be HD vids without buffering and the ability to ‘share the experience’ with up to seven mates. Also sneakily tucked away is the news that they will be launching an integrated news service called ‘News and More’ with regularly streamed content from MSNBC, The New Yorker and cartoon strip Dilbert. Nice. Those who have been selected say that Last.FM is the bees knees, by the way, so colour us stoked, dude.

‘We look at things like Facebook and Twitter as amazing social experiences, but also entertainment,’ said Live’s general manager Mark Whitten. ‘We didn't want to copy and paste from the PC.

‘Turning Xbox and Live into this rich media portal that continuously surfaces the most engaging things to do in the living room.’

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