Facebook to get voice chat

You see a lot of Facebook ‘news’ out there that is barely news at all these days, just an excuse to put the website’s name on a page and hope to cream off a few hits. However, today there is an actual genuine innovation on Facebook which needs attention.

Chat on Facebook is notoriously flaky. If it works at all it cuts out an awful lot, and is generally no match for MSN, Skype or the like. That is about to change, with the arrival of high-fidelity voice chat, which should be arriving in the next few weeks.

Designed by Boston-based company Vivox (who provided voice chat for geek magnets Second Life and EVE Online), the system is designed to kick lumps out of Skype and make conversing with your mates online ten times easier. Not only will you be able to have one-on-one chats, but groups conversations will be catered for, and non-Facebookers (are there any left?) can join in too, with Vivox offering free-to-call numbers allow anyone to enter existing chats. Even better, Vivox is making the technology available to any third party developer. Handy.

Expect to see more news about this outstanding innovation over the next couple of weeks. It’s gonna be big.

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