Facebook telling porkies

There’s nothing quite like a big company making a wild claim that can’t be back up, especially when a group of spods that they would otherwise be laughing at and calling terrifying geeks bust them, and their outrageous lie.

Take everybody’s favourite buggy social networking tool, Facebook. Yesterday they claimed that there were 104 million active users of their iPhone app, which was quickly pounced upon as utter nonsense, given that only 100million iOS machines have even been sold worldwide, as of June 2010. So did they do it? Buy changing the definition of the word active, of course. How sneaky.

‘There are currently 44 million monthly active users of the Facebook for iPhone app,’ said some official spokesman for Facebook, backtracking wildly. ‘We recently changed the definition of mobile active users to exclude those who have only liked or commented on stream stories. Instead we are counting ‘active’ users as people who have taken explicit actions within an application. This practice is more aligned with how we count overall active users for the site.’

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