Facebook set for facelift

Are you getting sick of the endless "compare your toenail clippings" style quizzes that are cluttering up your Facebook page, or would you fight to the death to hold onto your free online gifts and hilarious fun wall posts?

Either way it looks as if there will be online tears before bedtime as Facebook is set for a major facelift for the first time since the social networking site was launched in 2004.

It seems that the company's designers have come down with a bout of minimalism as they've announced that they will try to create a simpler and cleaner design of the profile page.

The proposed plan will see the user profile split into five different pages with functions such as the "wall" being accessed via tabs at the top of the screen. The move seems to be a response to the 25,000 different applications which clutter Facebook pages.

However, Facebook users are notoriously hostile to change and it remains to be seen if they will react to the new design features. The comments so far have been far from positive with one user commentating: "The site is becoming far too commercial. You will pay for it by losing users to other sites. You are taking away exactly what made Facebook unique. What are you thinking?"

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