Facebook Scrabble scramble

Scrabulous, one of Facebook’s most popular applications, may be removed after a threat of legal action from the makers of Scrabble. Hasbro and Mattel, which jointly own the game, have launched legal action claiming that Scrabulous is “a gross copyright and trademark infringement”.

The only difference we can see between Scrabble and Scrabulous is the name. And the legions of Facebook users telling the game companies to back off as they join the “save Scrabulous” group must know it.

The question is whether taking Scrabulous down altogether will damage Scrabble’s reputation, or whether its new-found popularity will drive more sales of the board game. We think the obvious answer is for the official Scrabble bods to buy Scrabulous and take it “official” – but will they see it that way?

(Image: from Rabid Viking’s flickr stream)

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