Facebook scammer nicks $4,000

A scam artist managed to trick a trusting American woman into sending $4,000 over to the UK after posing as one of her friends and claiming she was stranded in London and needed money.

Kind-hearted (but not big with the analytical thinking) Jayne Scherrman of Cape Giradeau, Missouri received the messages from who she thought was her friend Grace Parry, and because she did regular mission trips with her minister husband Scherrman was convinced that she really was in need.

Police think that someone took over Parry’s account (hmm, really?), changed the password and started sending messages to her contact list, while Parry was trying to get access her account, before trying to get Facebook to close it down. Meanwhile her husband posted up warnings, but by the time Scherrman saw it, it was too late. A valuable lesson in gullibility learned, for them and for you all out there.

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