Facebook Rolls Out Relationship Pages

Facebook have started to roll out a new layer of social statement with pages that detail every aspect of a relationship. Forming what is in effect a mutual timeline, the new pages will cover every event attended together, all photos tagged together and all posts to build a diaryesque picture of a human relationship.

The social networking organisation says the new pages will allow its users to see precisely which moments they have shared with friends over the years on a single page.

“Starting today, we're introducing a new layout for friendship pages,'”said Facebook's Arun Vijayvergiya. “Friendship pages combine posts, photos and events that you and another person have shared. Click the gear menu at the top of a friend's timeline to see a friendship page. If you've listed yourself as in a relationship with someone, you can also visit facebook.com/us to see the friendship page you share with that person.”

As Facebook comes under fire for the increasingly underhanded ways they are attempting to monetize, like charging page owners to reach their fans and looking at ideas like advertising by private message, there have been concerns that attempts to placate new investors could backfire drastically. This appears to be a tweak targeted at restoring some credibility amongst users.

Despite the somewhat nauseating prospect of couples sharing their new ‘relationship’ pages all over our newsfeeds, there are both advantages and disadvantages to the new pages. They will provide an excellent map of any relationship and will memorialize the good times for whenever someone is feeling nostalgic. Equally – for those not even in a romantic relationship but wanting to track down photos from a certain time and place or dig out an old wall post shared with a friend, it will be an excellent one stop shop. However, beware – if it all goes wrong and your next partner is a tad jealous – they will know exactly where to go to seethe, plot and generally wind themselves up as they flick through every loving moment you spent with your ex.

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