Facebook profiles plundered by companies?

Life without Facebook is a horrific concept for most people, from techno wiz-kids keen for banter about the latest World of Warcraft expansion pack, to lonely pensioners desperate for contact with the outside world. However, when your information as a user becomes a searchable commodity available to major companies online, when should you pull the social-networking plug?

T3 online reveals that big-name companies such as Apple, Disney and the BBC were recently implicated in identity theft as their companies were identified - through their IP addresses - as downloading Facebook profiles from the web. The profiles themselves, had been made available on the internet via an illegal torrent platform.

'Though the IP addresses were matched up with major organizations, these downloads might not be sanctioned by the organization in question.' Which is a relief until we consider that Facebook only recently claimed to have improved its security following a spate of I.D. thefts. What price online privacy?

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