Facebook poll: Should Obama be assassinated?

The American Secret Service got their knickers in a twist with Facebook yesterday after a poll appeared asking whether Barack Obama should be assassinated or not.

The poll, which was subsequently taken down by the social networking site, offered four options for the prospective Lee Harvey Oswald tribute act: Yes; No; Maybe; If he cuts my healthcare. Understandably the Secret Service are taking this very seriously indeed, but as yet don’t know who the culprit is, as the poll was posted on a application for the site that was developed by a third party.

‘At this time, we don't know,’ said Barry Schnitt, a Facebook spokesman for policy. ‘But we assume the developer has some or all of this information.

‘We encourage reporting. People contact us all the time if they see things that are inappropriate. And we investigate all those reports. We take action by taking it down, by issuing a warning or by reporting it to law enforcement. At the same time, we want Facebook to be open to discuss ideas. We don't pre-approve postings.’

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