Facebook photo fiasco

Ah, Facebook. So eternally scandalous.

The social networking site rolled out a host of new privacy features last week. Sadly, though, they contained a pretty large hole. As in Grand Canyon-type large.

Facebook patched up the bug, but not before techies and reporters browsed through the private photos of hundreds of strangers. What fun.

For the most part browsing Facebook photos is boring and pointless. It’s like when your aunt sets up a slideshow of holiday snaps. You end up hoping you choke to death on a custard cream.

But now and again it’s worthwhile. Why? Because some idiot does something illegal and cheerfully posts photographic evidence on the internet.

We don’t know why. It’s so obviously moronic. But people still do it. So, we’ve compiled a very brief set of instructions for using the internet without getting arrested.

First, do not commit crimes. If you must, don’t photograph yourself in the act. If you did, don’t post the photo on the internet. Especially not under your real name. And DEFINITELY not on Facebook.

And our top tip? Don’t friend your boss.

We hope this helps.

(Image: from cervus’ flickr stream)

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