Facebook phone: £300

It was rumoured, then denied, then reported, and now the 'Facebook phone' is almost upon us.

Now, technically, as we've told you many a time, Facebook isn't making a phone. Nor is it making phone software, beyond its basic smartphone apps, as far as we know. But other manufacturers are using Facebook's now-quite-advanced Platform APIs to produce phones with Facebook features baked in deep into the OS.

And the first of these to reach the market - which makes it a good contender for the name 'The Facebook Phone' in our view - is INQ's Cloud Touch. It's appropriate that it's INQ - the little-known manufacturer made the first Facebook-focused phone a few years ago. The Cloud Touch, though, is a big step forward.

It's got a touchscreen, for one thing, and it's running Google's Android operating system. So what makes it so Facebook-y? Well, the social network is built in everywhere, from the home screen to the contacts app (which automatically shows all your Facebook friends) and the chat app (which uses Facebook chat). Think Android, but with all the Google services replaced by Facebook services.

If you're a Facebook addict, it's a pretty attractive package, and it's out in the UK soon for quite an attractive price - £300, SIM free, no contract, unlocked. That's less than many less Facebook-ised (but higher-spec) Android rivals.

Interested? You don't have long to wait: the INQ Cloud Touch will be out in the UK on April 6. Go on, show yourself to be a true Facebook addict. We all know you are one anyway.

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