Facebook Movie - reviews

When it was announced that a movie about Facebook was in the works, the news was instantly met with groans of 'tsk, how interesting can that be? I’m not gonna see it'. Then, the news was confirmed that esteemed director David hasn’t-made-a-bad-film-ever Fincher was to retell the story of Facebookfounder Mark Zuckerberg through his eyes. Suddenly, it looked like we had a serious film on our hands. AND that’s even before the excellently haunty trailer was released.

Well, last night was judgement night, when the world’s media saw the very first screening of The Social Network and by all accounts it’s a dark and twisted crackerjack of a movie. We haven’t seen it so we can’t possibly pass true comment (never review a film you haven’t seen as they say). The Guardian however have seen it and rave about it, summarising that, ‘it's a fascinating film for anyone as obsessed by the Facebook phenomenon....and a big geek thrill to see tech culture finally done some justice by Hollywood. And would it stand up as a film on its own merits? Absolutely’. Rounding their review with a wry ‘I give it four pokes out of five’.

The Social Network opens in the UK on 15 October and you can watch the aforementioned trailer below...

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