Facebook may be forced to remove Scrabulous

Facebook, the social networking giant, may be forced to remove the popular application Scrabulous, an unauthorized version of Scrabble, after Hasbro decided to take legal action for breach of copyright. The move comes on the back of Hasbro and Electronic Arts' announcement that they will release an official version of the popular word game on Facebook.

Back in January Hasbro threatened legal action against Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla, the creators of Scrabulous, and there were also rumours that Electronic Arts were in negotiations to buy the popular Facebook app. But with the official Scrabble Facebook game released in North America at the start of July, Hasbro decided to talk to their lawyers.

Facebook users don't react well to changes on the site so the news about Scrabulous is set to cause uproar amongst the 512,961 users who play it each day. It looks like there'll be tears before bedtime.

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