Facebook keyboard shortcuts you should know about

Do you know you can quickly and easily navigate Facebook without the use of a mouse through keyboard shortcuts? Yes, Facebook offers a range of keyboard shortcuts designed for users who only use the keyboard. Take a look and learn these simple, time-saving Facebook keyboard shortcut commands to navigate the social networking site like a pro.

Facebook keyboard shortcuts

Before we start on the keyboard shortcuts, it is important to note that the shortcuts for Facebook are not universal like those of Twitter. This means modifiers are different, depending on your operating system and browser. Aside from that, most of Facebook's keyboard shortcuts are aligned with numbers.

Numbers 1 through to 5 takes you from left-to-right across Facebook’s top navigation links. Numbers 6 through to 0 help you navigate other less obvious Facebook page settings. Also, in order for the Facebook number shortcuts to work, you must press the numbers from the number row and not the number pad on your keyboard.

Without further ado, here are Facebook keyboard shortcuts that you should know about:

Facebook shortcut commands:

1 : home

2 : timeline/profile

3 : friends

4 : messages

5 : notifications

6 : general account settings

7 : privacy settings

8 : Facebook’s Facebook page

9 : legal terms

0 : help centre

m : new message, and

? : search.

Keyboard shortcut modifiers

These are the modifiers for different browsers on Mac operating system:

Chrome modifier : Control + Option + #

Firefox modifier : Control + #

Safari modifier : Control + Option + #

These are modifiers for different browsers on Windows operating system:

Firefox : Shift + Alt + #

Chrome : Alt + #

Internet Explorer : Alt + #

Note: On Internet Explorer, only the timeline and home shortcuts seem to work properly.

Some geek notes

Facebook keyboard shortcuts seem to work best with Chrome on Windows OS and Firfox on Mac OS X; and, maybe Safari and Opera because they only require you to enter one modifier key plus the shortcut key.

In Firefox, you will need to add a Shift key to the Facebook shortcut combination so you don't trigger Firefox’s own Alt-centred keyboard shortcuts. In Internet Explorer, press “Enter” after hitting each Facebook shortcut combination.

There you have it – Facebook keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate the giant social networking site from your keyboard!

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