Facebook is making a mobile! No, hang on - a mobile platform! What? Zzzzz.

Last time we got excited about a Facebook 'event,' we got all psyched expecting a big new thing, and we got... an upgrade to the 'Groups' function. Like, woo.

So we guess we shouldn't have got excited about yesterday's event, either. But we did, and while it included some interesting stuff, it lacked a certain whizz. The truth, we guess, is that Facebook is past the stage of adding insane new features (like, we dunno, adding 'like' buttons to the entire flippin' web), and into the refining and building stage.

So anyway, here's the big news: they're not making a phone. 'There's been this rumor that Facebook is going to build a phone.' Scarily young CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained. 'What a novel idea, but... no!'

Instead, Facebook is making a 'mobile platform.' You know how these days you can sign into websites, share content, see what your friends are up to on a website, all through Facebook - and all without visiting Facebook.com itself? Well now they're trying to do something similar for smartphone apps. Apps will be able to have a 'sign in with Facebook' button just like websites do, and as long as you're signed into the Facebook iPhone app, it'll sign you right in. Apps will also be able to check you in to Facebook Places, so if you decide to update Foursquare or whatever, you can update Facebook at the same time.

You see? We told you it was a bit snoozy. Don't get us wrong - this has the potential to be very big. But if we're honest, an actual, holdable Facebook phone - though it was always unlikely - would have been more exciting.

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