Facebook infected

It's a rite of passage from any software on the journey from fun tool to ubiquitous service: the rise of spam and viruses. Facebook isn't even an operating system or a program, but its 'Platform' features and applications function mean it's still fallen prey to spammers and viruses.

But we hadn't realised just how badly. Anti-virus company BitDefender recently released SafeGo, an application which analyses your Facebook News Feed and checks for evidence of viruses or spam links. It turns out a whopping one-fifth of the users who've signed up so far have some spam or virus links in their News Feed.

Of course, as CNet points out, the app is probably being used by people concerned about spam anyway, so that proportion might be a lot lower amongst the general Facebook population. But still, it's a sure sign that the great scourge of the internet age - the virus - has spread to many people's favourite website.

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